Monday, December 01, 2008

An Hour

We're up to an hour of edit by Maduka on Alien Uprising. This edit he's doing is the first edit and is basically the third-from-last-edit. That means it's really tight.

Generally Maduka does the edit, and then I do the letterboxing and reframing and make a few trims,* then the producer makes a punch list** and then we lock the cut.

So I'm very happy with the progress, it puts us in very good shape.

I am planning to return to some old-school technology (like, 15 years ago) to do sequencing. But more about that later. Also, I'm thinking more and more about what "it's" about and why Josh's screenplay works so well. More about that later as well.

*Sometimes I watch a scene and I think "but wait, I shot this great angle in this scene, we should use it!" and I edit it in, only to find that it doesn't work and I just revert back to Maduka's version. Yes Drew, there's a reason he didn't put it in the edit...

**Actually, in act 1 I did a dialog, music, and effects edit first and then enacted notes on picture and sound at the same time.


Chance Shirley said...

Do you do your letterboxing in After Effects? Premiere? Final Cut Pro? Just curious, as I'm probably going to crop Interplanetary a tiny bit, to 1.85:1, because I'm kind of obsessive like that.

Andrew Bellware said...

I do 2:35 to 1 using FCP's "widescreen" effect. It's an easy interface to move the picture up or down inside the letterbox.