Friday, December 05, 2008

O Rly

How to stop iPhone interference with your computer's speakers. I have a terrible problem with EM interference in my studio. The solution involves aluminum foil. Coincidentally, it's the same solution to our problem with extraterrestrials.

This is your guide to the GTA IV error codes for the PC version of the game. It's in .doc format. You'll need it if it is, say, two o'clock in the morning and you're trying to get GTA IV to work on your dad's machine. Don't you have what was just a few years ago considered a state-of-the-art gaming machine in New York? Why are you trying to get this machine in Jersey to work? Oh and say hello to GTA IV Fatal Error: DD3D50 for me.

So my dad has the ATI Radeon X1250 video card. My other Gateway has an X1550. The "minimum requirement" for GTA IV is the Radeon 256MB X1950.

Is it simply that I need a card which can run DirectX 9.0c or better? Who knows? There seem to be at least two lines of video cards made by nVidia and ATI, and each line does not neccesarily get "better" when the model number is higher. Aargh.

Here you can see an incredibly helpful comparison of ATI video cards. I'm sure it is helpful to an engineer somewhere. Not to me so much. Makes me want to get an XBox and get it over with.

If you aren't feeling creeped out enough today, the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

And yeah, I suspended Parliment. What about it? Keep your trap shut or I'll shut down Funkadelic too.

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