Monday, December 15, 2008

Worst Case Scenario

I'm running worst-case scenarios in my head. Because it's time to go to bed, of course.

So if we gross only $28K per movie and net 60% of that -- we make $16,800. If each one costs $10K to produce and deliver we "profit" $6,800 per picture. If we make 3 a year we pull down $20,400 on average.

Livin' large.

And almost above the poverty level.

Can we please replace the Treasury Secretary now?

At least we're not filing for bankruptcy like Avis will be after Christmas.

[update: it looks like we might be able to add $10K to each picture. That would bring up the "profit" to $50,400 per picture. It means we could survive, but we wouldn't be able to pay anybody yet.]

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