Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This is what it looks like when I clean out the "temp image" folder on my desktop.

I have performed only one veto at the old age home where my brother and I (and soon my whole tribe) are spending Christmas/Hanukkah. OK, so it's not an "old age home". It's one of those "over 45" or "over 55" places designed for people to retire to in order to get their adult children to finally leave the house.*

In any case, that veto was of the listening to Johnny Mathis. The home is quieter now, more peaceful. Mostly because I'm not banging my head against the wall saying "It's not even mediocrity! It's not as good as mediocre!"


I should have some vodka. That will make everyone feel better.


In fact, I'll make myself a screwdriver right now.


There. That's much better.


Sometime after Christmas I think I may end up getting a Peavey Vipyr 30 amplifier for myself, with a Sanpera I foot controller too.


I wish you could caption and format in Blogger better than you can. And I wish you could export your whole blog with pictures easier too. While we're at it, can we have a new government in Burma and an end to the Darfur genocide.

"The problem with vodka is... that it can be a good-tasting alcohol." -- David Bellware (my brother)

"Either God gave me a brain, or maybe it was just Darwin." -- Dan Bellware (my dad)

There are a lot of Dan and David Bellwares, so I figured I'd be specific.


I did start the following poem:
'Twas the night before Christmas and the inbox is zero. Not an email was stirring, not even a Nigerian business scam.

Lucky for you I didn't go any further.


*We did determine that a "dumb Bellware" is actually someone who makes weights for lifting.

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