Sunday, December 21, 2008

Alien Uprising Update

Amelia Randolph Campbell. Photograph by Mitchell Riggs.

I had one of those Wikipedia experiences where I was surfing around and eventually found this version of Procol Harum's Conquistador. The band is Conjunto Jardin and they do an excellent cover of the song, which is one of my favorites.

Does anybody know where my old drum machine is? Didn't I have both an Alesis D-4 and an SR-16? It would be nice to use one or the other to make some quick demos. I could probably use the Roland JV1080, I'd just have to figure out the drum maps.


But that's not what's important right now. This is an Alien Uprising update.

Maduka has left for Madison for Christmas but before leaving today he did his second pass on the picture edit of the entire movie (I know what you're thinking: "Drew, you let Maduka have Christmas off? What the...?").

We have a locked picture cut of Alien Uprising.

I am 3/4 of the way through a first pass on the dialog, music, and effects edit on the second (of four) reels. So far there's no actual ADR except for one line of Maduka's which he wants to change. Also I noticed two dialog stumbles today in wide shots but I'm positive we have better takes from closeups which I could match.

We still have to make the ship speeding away from the exploding planet. And we have a number of shots of the facility which we see as wireframe holograms. We think we know how long each of those things takes, which is why we feel confident enough to lock the picture cut and go onto sound.

Artistically my guess is that we're going to want to add a few seconds here and there to open up the pacing just a bit. It's cut very tight (which is good). Now that we're adding music we're finding we can sit for just a bit more in a couple of moments. But that'll be the "third" picture pass and we'll have to unlock the audio to make those changes.

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