Sunday, December 28, 2008

Making a List

So for Christmas this year we had all of my siblings together (well, that didn't go down 'till Boxing Day -- we didn't have my sister until she arrived on the 26th -- but it's close enough that I'll consider it Christmas.) This (all of us in the same room on XMas) hasn't happened in at least 20 years. Furthermore, it happened at my parent's new apartment. (It didn't happen at the Ancestral Home where I've been living with them for 43 years, but within 20 miles of there so it's close enough).


Older brother brought remote controlled helicopters. Not one. Not two. Not four. I think the total was 7, although not all of them were with us. Hilarity ensued. A hobby store with spare helicopter parts was found nearby. Twice.

Apologies made to eldest brother, who's helicopter I accidentally clocked with my own.


Eldest brother got me a new shaving kit and a miniature tripod.

Sister is trying to fatten me up with multiple cinnamon nut chocolate carrot cake/breads.

I bought cheese. Oh, and a wireless headset for my dad which he seems to really like. And some chocolate. And cheese.

Probably the best thing I purchased was some apple schnapps to add to the hot cider we kept on the stove. Brother-in-law and I partook mostly. And frequently. In ever greater quantities.

Step mom had a little and then took nap.


I believe the entire household voted exactly the same way in the Presidential election.

That's a new development.


My parents seem to have given up even trying to buy me anything for my birthday or Christmas. I know what the problem is. I keep asking for dental care. I have to stop doing that. "Going to the dentist" is a boring present. Nobody wants to give that.

Sister got parents a really nice globe. It goes perfectly with the new apartment.

The cat did not get cat armor. He has fur. We say that's good enough.

He puts up with my sister's dog pretty well now. Mostly by ignoring the big fuzzy sheep-like animal. Dog is good with the cat. I think that Dog would like to be friends with Cat but my cat is slow to make friends with non-humans.

I feel I should selfishly classify the things I did not get for Christmas: an XBox with GTA IV, a Wii with Wii Fit, a Peavy Vypyr 30 amplifier with foot controller. Not that I asked for any of these things, mind you. These material possessions not under my aegis will need to be obtained eventually. Maybe prices will plummet after new year...

No, I do not understand the Canadian theme in this blog post. Perhaps it's a "hello" to our Canadian relatives.

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