Friday, December 05, 2008

Suitable Exuberance

So I have an NVIDIA GEForce 6800 video card on my computer at my studio. Is that enough to run GTA IV? I know that the NVIDIA 7900 is the "minimum" card to run the game, but is that really more card than my 6800? What I don't get is that some video cards are like $1000 and some are $100. Is an older $1K card better or worse than a new $100 card? How on earth can I tell?

Otherwise, I have to run GTA IV on our main edit machine which runs OS X and Windows XP. Which means (I think) that if I ever play the game it can only be in the early morning.

I'm not at my studio today. So I'm over-blogging.

I tried to log on remotely to my machine in my studio where I think I'm going to put the game. Feh! I forgot the user name for that machine and then blocked my IP address temporarily because I made too many attempts to log on. So I logged in to my other machine at the studio and then used logmein to log into the machine adjacent to it. It's pretty stupid, but it allows me to remotely download GTA IV.

We'll see how that goes.

Sometimes I end up with too many pictures in my "temp image" folder and nowhere to put them. So I'm putting them here.

It turns out that although you can dismantle something, you can't mantle it. Which is too bad. That makes me sad I will melt with ruth.

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