Friday, July 31, 2009


Well it looks like Alien Uprising will be in at least some Blockbuster stores next week. When I asked if Alien Uprising would be available next week the lady in the local South Brunswick Blockbuster said "Yes" without any hesitation.

On our last deal with Blockbuster (which was 4 movies ago*) Blockbuster actually purchased the movie. My understanding is that they don't do that any more. They bought 4700 copies at $7.25 a piece. The distributor of Pandora Machine took $3 off the top of each unit for "manufacturing and distribution" and split the rest with us.

In any case, we don't see any additional money from Alien Uprising in North America. But the Blockbuster deal certainly means that the distributor will make some money.

I guess that means we should make pictures which can be marketed as action pictures.

*After Pandora Machine came out we released Millennium Crisis but Blockbuster, after assuring our distributor that they'd buy it, just didn't. Then we probably did a bad job of marketing Solar Vengeance because we never did haven't yet found a North American distributor.

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