Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sweet Suite

So on a less than awesome note re: the economy. I have a credit card from Sweetwater, a company which sells musical instruments and such. GE Financial just closed the card.

Now just to be sure, I've been a nightmare customer of theirs. I'd buy stuff with a 12-month "no interest" promotion and then pay it all off by the end of the promotion. And I had no money on the card now. So they weren't making any money with me. (And let's also be sure that my credit record ain't that good, I have other cards with... let's just say... balances...)

But really right now is the time these banks should be getting looser with credit, not tighter. This short term credit simply has to be loosened up across the board.


This might be enough reason for me to get an iPhone 3G:

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