Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lock Me Amadeus

Just saw Rec, as recommended by Nat Cassidy. It's a first-person guy-with-a-video-camera horror flick. And it's pretty brilliant. The conceit of having a video camera as part of a reality-show that just happens to get caught in what we might think of as a "haunted house" actually works. I mean it works elegantly in the way that things like Cloverfield does clumsily.

The movie was remade as Quarantine.

So Apple has apparently (finally) put all their documentation online. Here's the section on Final Cut Studio workflows. This includes ingesting footage, a bit on data management, codecs, and "finishing" (color-correction and suchly.)

John Scalzi gives advice for teens.

Bill Cunningham writes about why Trajan is such an excellent font that it can be used on all films. "There's no need to reinvent good design" Cunningham says.

Print and photograph Shoelace dominating the world.

I'm trying to lock the first ten minutes of Clonehunter picture. I suspect it'll be lockable by the end of the day. I'm thinking we should move to 10-minute reels rather than 20-minute reels. I think that everyone who touches the picture in post-production will be happier.


Cunningham said...


Andrew Bellware said...

Apparently, as a producer, that's my job! ;-)

Chance Shirley said...

I like the 10-minute reels idea. Will steal that for my next project...