Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three Words for You

Cookie Cake Pie.

HP OfficeJet all in one network printer.

Should I get Lace Gold Dome pickups for my Squire Strat? I know -- it won't be as "spanky" as the stock pickups but I don't have any indy cred anyway.

I think I need a Hammond player for my new "band". I have to record a new album. I also need an opera singer and a cellist.

Pando lets you send 1GB files to people. Anybody doing video knows those needs.


Chance Shirley said...

Save up for a laser printer -- it's worth the extra scratch.

Indie cred is overrated.

Everybody needs a Hammond player. And I know an excellent cellist if you can afford to fly her up from Birmingham...

Andrew Bellware said...

Really? A laser is that much better?

You're right, everyone needs a Hammond player. And a road crew to carry the dang thing...