Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Communism: Good For Business

As a business owner, I desperately want a national single-payer health plan. The amount of pain-in-the-ass reduction by us having a decent system will be spectacular. I won't have to worry about employee's (or my) health care. I won't have to add health care to the cost of doing business compared to our German and Japanese (and good Lord, Canadian) competitors.

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Here's an irony: any kind of national or "socialized" medicine in the US is going to kill union organizing efforts. Right now the strongest tool an organizer has for trying to get shops under a union is to ask the employees "do you have health care benefits?" If workers no longer care about getting health benefits because they already have them, there's going to be a lot less incentive for them to join a union.

Here's a Reddit discussion on credit card processors.

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