Thursday, July 02, 2009

Guitar Strings

Cal Arts makes a strong showing here. The Happiest Monster:

I have a big announcement to make, one of vast importance. The "Blattocaster" guitar now has Light Top/Heavy Bottom 10's strings on it. Those are the best playing and the best sounding strings for that guitar. Ethan was right (and of course, he set up that guitar.)

.010 to .052's.

I've been reading some almost good scripts lately.

Life Size Entertainment is a sales rep. They haven't updated their site in quite a while.

I ordered another (smaller) bluescreen from

Oh and please stop sending me idiotic political screeds. I'm really over the secretmuslimimmagrantseverwhereblackhelicoptersblahblahblah.


I guess the crazies are so upset by their being a black President or whatever that they've even gone back to sending me their stupid diatribes. After 9/11 the portion of my own family which would have a tendency to do that has learned not to. But lately I've been getting this emailed crap from other people I know (people who aren't as out-and-out stupid as the stuff they forward would have you believe.)

I used to like InkTip. Heck, I even made a movie off of them. But then Jerrol LeBaron started sending me this stupid political crap. Real namby-pamby 2nd graders in a schoolyard crap. So I may just have to get my account cancelled.

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