Sunday, July 19, 2009


Saw Blood, the Last Vampire. Almost good. Suffered from the "push every line of dialog" school of filmmaking. But actually had an interesting plot. And, of course, it looked gorgeous.

More 2D blood. Similar to Mutant Chronicles in that regard. Actually, a lot of 2D effects -- clearly AfterEffects -- in The Last Vampire. Whereas Harry Potter obviously created their own particle "ink" effects for the death eaters, I thought that Blood used the Trapcode Particular particle effects. Still looked pretty good.

I'm thinking that those 2D blood effects are the way to go. Not messy or dangerous or a pain in the tuchus like squibs are.

Looks like I'm going to attend a Save the Cat seminar on August 8th and 9th here in New York. More details as I know them. I think I gave away my last copy of Save the Cat (again.)

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Laura, Queen of Mars said...

And it's your BIRTHDAY!