Friday, July 24, 2009

Delight Me

Over the past year I've seen some very good customer service. Blue Sky has replaced the amplifier, twice, on an EXO system, free of charge and by FedEx'ing the part with a return label to return the original. Now obviously there is/was a design problem with that amplifier, but they are on it as far as customer service. And it seems to me they've changed the design somewhat, perhaps to deal with the problem.

Also this year I lost a part to a set of Grover Imperial tuners I bought and Stew-Mac just sent the part to me, no charge. It was totally my fault but they just put a new part in the mail and sent it out because I told them I lost it.

I ordered the new Action Essentials 2 DVD's from Video Copilot and before I even got the DVD's they announced on their blog that some people were having trouble with the DVD's and that they were changing their manufacturing process. Sure enough, I've had a bit of trouble reading from the DVD's and not only did Video Copilot make a special secret download site available for getting files immediately, they're mailing me new DVD's this week. Plus, of course, they have some of the best tutorials around.


David O'Gara is a visual effects artist doing some work on The Shriven.

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