Sunday, July 05, 2009

Only For Costumers

Something Awful Apologizes for Making Sarah Palin Resign.

A quote:
"Brutalized by eight years of Bush prosperity, the American people experienced a fit of sanity and elected the center-right corporatist and his goofball sidekick instead of the warmongering economic neophyte and the winking, know-nothing, hockey mom hate shit he took on the face of America. The outcome wasn't even close. Indiana voted for Obama and voting Democratic in presidential elections there is actually a fineable offense."
Seriously, it only gets funnier from there.

This tutorial on 3D camera projection in AfterEffects kind of blew my mind. I know one can do these sorts of things in regular 3D programs but boy, doing everything in AE would save a lot of time and headaches. I know, I know, I keep going on about these Video Copilot tutorials, but they're really fantastic. But I'm waiting on delivery of the photo-real explosions and muzzle flashes which I need for the compositing which is sitting on my desk.

Oh wait, the second 3D camera projection tutorial is even more amazing. Oh no... the vanishing point tutorial is the best.

No actors, electricians, carpenters, or (Lord help us all) assistant directors. Costumers only buddy. You got a problem with that? You wake up in the morning with a hat pin where the sun don't shine.

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Unknown said...

Lucky costumers.