Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wanna Know Some Numbers?

So do I.

Thinking more about advertising and revenue with web Video On Demand. According to this article, Hulu charges from $25 to $30 for every 1000 impressions. So that means Hulu makes about $25K to $30K for every million "impressions" per ad.

On the Hulu FAQ they suggest that they have one ad per ad break -- as it would be on television -- for "long form" content. I infer this means something like 7 ads in a regular feature film.

I bet the way they count views is counting views of commercials. So if you watch the first few minutes of 10 different movies that counts as 10 "impressions". Of course, not only don't I really know, I have no way of really finding out. Feh.

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