Friday, September 11, 2009


Toon It is a Photoshop plugin for making images "cartooned" from Digital Anarchy. I'm wondering if this might work for Fly By Night.

Short film Aviatrix (via Bill.)

The third Save the Cat book is coming out -- Save the Cat Strikes Back. Sure, the first one is the last book on screenwriting you'll ever need, but the other two could be books you want. You never know.

Strangely, the best post 9-11 editorial is on Gawker.

Building a Bioshock Big Daddy (via Tim Schrum).


Lindsay Stewart said...

Thanks so much for pointing to "The Aviatrix", what a lovely little film. And then there's Milla, had the pleasure of doing a scene with her in the film ".45". I was supposed to be a mean, dangerous guy buying a gun from her and it took all my focus and concentration not to go all moo-moo eyed when she walked toward me. She's even more stunning in person than on film. What an excellent post to start my Sunday. Thanks Andrew.

Cunningham said...

Yes - I think it might work. Certainly to give us the look and feel of comics and be able to play with characters in foreground greenscreen area to match background to suit.

Might give us more leeway in fight, actions scenes, too. ;D

I like that it sharpens lines and shadows/colors. I'll take a gook look at this on the big Mac screens at work.

Andrew Bellware said...

More Milla for everyone!

(That's how I'd rule if I were king...)

Lindsay Stewart said...

As far as "tooning" goes, Red Giant is now selling Toon-It, an After Effects plug-in. More expensive but a much nicer effect.

Andrew Bellware said...

Wow, I didn't realize those were two different "Toon-It" programs. The Red Giant looks a lot more like up our alley. If it gets rid of the jitter between frames issue that might be the way to go... Thanks for the tip!

Lindsay Stewart said...

Red Giant bought Digital Anarchy, I think it is the same program but upgraded by the new owners.

Cheers Andrew.

Oh yeah. The link to The Shriven on your Pandora Machine site is borked as is the Contact page. And the other thing I noticed is there's no link to a store of any sort. If I want my own copy of Millenium Crisis I have to go hunting elsewhere. I mean really, Ted Raimi FTW! Otherwise, I'm really glad I found your blog via the Pulp Lord himself, Maestro Cunningham. Most keen on seeing what you're up to next, I'd love my work get to your standards, much to learn.

Andrew Bellware said...

Thanks for the notes, Lindsay. Yeah, I must have not ever created the "contact" page for whatever reason. And the "Shriven" page was misdirected.

Yeah, I've never set up a storefront. I suppose one day I outta do that. '-)