Monday, September 28, 2009

Nobody Undertands This Anyway

Via Bill Cunningham via Warren Ellis, Assault Girls.

Nice costume design. The air drop is clearly Starship Troopers inspired (from the book, not the movie). And no, I don't really get it. Perhaps the pithy Japanese dialog is lost on me.

There's a short and a teaser for a feature. Oddly, I like the costume design in the short better.

Oh look, it turns out there's a bunch of short films. Well, two years of high school Chinese and I can recognize the character for "girl" in Chinese/Japanese from the official web site. I suppose I could have paid more attention in class. Let that be a lesson to you kids: if you don't pay attention to your schoolwork and you're just thinking about rock bands and girls you'll end up like me... er... not paying attention to schoolwork and thinking about rock bands... and girls...

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