Saturday, September 26, 2009

Song Generator #1

Pictures of Angela in Clonehunter. Yeah, the aspect ratio is rong. Wish FCP would export stills in square pixels...

I played a bit with Mitchell's Panasonic GH-1 camera. It's very nice. I don't see any "jello-cam" artifacts (and I was trying hard to make it do it.)

The bad thing about that camera is that the fastest the lens which comes with it goes is f4.5. But Mitch pointed out that new primes are coming.

I just tried out the Song Lyrics Generator. This is what I got.

Verse One:
When I close my eyes
Only daybreak will do me harm.If you were real,
Like a dog left in the rain
A Hopeless Night is born.It's Friday Night again,

Whenever the sun goes down
Who only wants to run around
The taste of your warm skin
I dream of fire when

Verse Two:
Drowning all the time
'Cause I can't get next to you
Never never never
And if only was that easy,

Chorus Two:
Whenever the sun goes down
Come flailing around
The taste of you


Lindsay Stewart said...

"Wish FCP would export stills in square pixels..."

toss the stills into After Effects and output from there, perhaps?

Andrew Bellware said...

What I usually do is export as Photoshop files, open in Photoshop and resize them there. I was just being lazy and wished it could happen as one step...

Chance Shirley said...

Yeah, the FCP still export sucks, and it shouldn't. Especially after all these years.

That said, non-square pixels suck, too.

Andrew Bellware said...

Well you know, after the revolution when we all have Penelope cameras with digital backs, life will be just grand!