Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction

We're experimenting with the city exterior in Clonehunter. Here is Maduka's latest render.

Cain's nice leather coat from Clonehunter was left sealed in a bin with the rest of his costume and when I opened it yesterday it was covered in mold. Yek!

My saintly sister cleaned it off but it still stinks. Plenty of Lysol and leaving it out in the sunlight for two days -- we'll see tomorrow if I just throw it away. We need to shoot Ben in costume this week but we'll just use another jacket if we have to. Nobody. Nobody will notice. In fact, in 6 months I'll have forgotten and I won't even realize it's not the same jacket. Just watch.

But whether or not we use the costume jacket I am still washing the rest of the costume before the photoshoot. Ben will be very happy about that.

How is it that Blockbuster doesn't have any episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? That's just... just... wrong.

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