Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Key Art

Here are some notions we're to use for photographing the actors in Clonehunter for the key art. We certainly have the weapons, we might even have the city.
This art is all very blue. Two of the pictures we've had released in North America were very orange, one was blue. I prefer blue. Those with direct marketing experience tell me orange sells better. But blue does pretty well too, apparently.

In any case, we need to get some shots like this with our actors against a bluescreen. It'll be fun.

Am still recovering from cold. Have jury duty tomorrow.


Andrew Bellware said...

Really? My blog gets Russian spam now? I'm not even going to delete it! ;-)

Laura, Queen of Mars said...

I'd guess it's a response to the Russian Babylon A.D. artwork. The only word I recognize (besides "little" and "of course" which aren't helpful out of context) is the last word: Hamlet.