Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alien Uprising Netflix Reviews

Since I'm not a member of Netflix (my austerity plan doesn't allow it) I hadn't seen the reviews posted by members of "Alien Uprising".

But first: apparently, someone at Netflix actually writes a capsule summary:

"When Earth loses contact with the planet that's housing its prisoners, the folks back home start to worry. Fearing an inmate revolt, a Marine crew races to the planet to gain control -- but from whom? The Marines soon learn that it's not the prisoners they need to fear but the slobbering alien that's killing them off. Now, prisoners and Marines must band together to survive in this sci-fi romp starring Rebecca Kush and Steve Deighan."

The top-rated review (by "jazza923") reads thusly:

"The special effectsThe murky and grainy cinematography give the movie a cheap and low budget look. The acting isn't bad, but the story is not particularly engrossing. The special effects lack spark. At least it has some imagination."
I'll give you that some stuff was murky. We're getting better at that. One thing that user reviews have become better at recently is recognizing the quality of the acting in our pictures (there's a very strong prejudice out there 'gainst actors who are unknown.) But I dunno -- I find the story engrossing.

The #2 review reads in part:

"Offering it up as a penance for past sins I kept watching."

Ha! Yes. And then:

"All I can say if this was NOT a Sci Fi channel movie, it should have been."

Which is, unfortunately, not a good thing... ;-)

To summarize the rest of the reviews would be something like "Not enuf bo0bies!" or some such thing. Me? I'm happy to have reviews which are analytical at all -- even if they're negative reviews.

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