Monday, September 28, 2009


What's next for Tyrannosaurus Mouse?

Out there in the world there are a number of handmade cheap bass pedals, parts to make MIDI pedals from old Hammond pedals, inexpensive bass synthesizers on pedals, this link won't last forever but it's for a set of handmade $250 pedals. There's a "pushbutton" one for $200.
I used to have a pedal set I'd made myself and hooked up to a super-cheap Yamaha synthesizer. I remember I played at some club in Dover with them, I don't remember much else. They were big. And heavy. And later we got a keyboard player.

So my choices include:
1. Audio playback from a computer.
2. MIDI pedals played by me.
3. Keyboardist

Clonehunter news: working on the hoverbike chase.

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