Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Love Saboteurs

Tell me you don't want to be in a band called The Love Saboteurs of Project Jericho.

Or for that matter, Death Orgy of the Leopard Women.

A very old song for me is Softly I Stand (which we originally did as "Plaid Cow" but we also have some live Prague Spring versions). Anyway, we might try a Tyrannosaurus Mouse version (you won't be able to see it in your news reader.)

I wonder if there's a music xml to .pdf converter... well, at least you can print directly from

The Song Lyrics Generator is still amusing me:

Verse One:
Grey air wraps the dingy trees
This circus is falling down on its knees
She is like Death itself, blood upon her lips.
Watch me fall apart you see

Scraped the filth from my hands
All over againIt ain't so easy
Melting into rock
I always catch the clock

Verse Two:
You smell of decay
She's gonna turn me down and say,
Anything, anything would be better than this
On a planet that insists

Chorus Two:
Scraped the filth from my hands
Melting into rock
I always catch the clock

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Lindsay Stewart said...

One of the last bands I was in ended up with some stupid, pretentious name due to the vanity and pretentiousness of the other guy. What? I'm just saying. He had a right tantrum when I'd convinced the drummer and bass player that we should call the band "The Poop". I figured there's not a college DJ on the planet that doesn't want to intro a new song by The Poop. We were cracking up in the rehearsal hall trying to convince Mr Snobbypants that a crowd demanding an encore by chanting Poop Poop Poop Poop... well, that would be a thing of wonder.

After we went on to absolutely no acclaim with our"serious and important" name it became a running joke among the rhythm section and I, coming up with song and album titles. Some of the ones I remember...

Runs Don't Walk
Wipeout: The Porcelain Surf Mix
Brave New Swirled
The Dairy Queen Pinch

and our Motley Crue tribute...

Skidmark My Heart

Juvenilia rocks! Just add cheap ppot.