Sunday, September 13, 2009

Terrance Stamp

I wish I were cool like Terrance Stamp. The Limey is an amazing picture.
Another dude who saved the world. Norman Borlaug died at the age of 95. Actually did something about feeding the world rather than whining that it simply couldn't be done like the boorish neo-Malthusians.
Whew -- this obnoxious cold or sinus infection or whatever I've had just finally let go of me.
Terrance Stamp. How do you get that cool? I gotta find a way. One day. I'll be cool. Like Terrance Stamp.

Looking at different necklaces and things. You know, if I want to be cool I'm gonna have to get something like that.
Cockney rhyming slang is nuts. He's my new "China". ("China plates" -- "mates"). He's my new mate. Good grief, how can you remember all that stuff?
Another thing amazing about The Limey: the thing is hardly lit at all. They mostly just shot it. I mean, you can tell it's mostly "available light" and it just looks nice. I find it kind of fascinating how different lighting philosophies work. We watch a lot of different lighting schemes in our lives. I just watched the first three seasons of Buffy and they love that slice of light which lights up the bottom of faces look. And yeah, it looks great.
"These were bad people involved with worse people."

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