Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This .pdf is the Delivery Recommendations for Recorded Music Projects by NARAS.

Guitar Center has a thing where you can win a Les Paul custom made -- up to $6000 "value" in their custom shop. I should stop in and fill out a card.

"I had been thinking for years about making a corporate shenanigans Mars movie." The gratuitously talented and unnecessarily good-looking Chance Shirley on Fox News.

So, one thing which is nice with my present Buffy obsession is that I know that one day it will come to an end. So it's much better (and cheaper) than, say, a cocaine habit.

But that doesn't mean I can't go on and on about it.

So I just finished season 5 and I have been thinking about the writing and the performances and I came to a big ol' question: how the heck did the season 5 "big bad", Gloria, and the character of Anya, get developed? I mean performance - wise? I think that I'd know how to get a performance out of each of the actors playing any of the other characters, but to the actors playing those two characters? If they weren't just already "doing it", what the heck would you say to them to get them into the place they need to be to play those (weird) roles?

This interview with Emma Caulfield (Anya) doesn't really shed any light on the "process" she used to get her character (who does the fascinating thing of actually saying all her subtext). Honestly, virtually nobody wants to hear all that "actor-y talk" and any actor more than a year out of acting school just shuts the hell up about it. Unfortunately for me, this one time I'd love to hear it!

Snark mode=on.
Somehow I managed to miss It Might Get Loud. I'm kinda interested in seeing it, it's a documentary about Jimmy Page, The Edge, and that guy from the White Stripes. Wait, what? "Three Icons Get Together"? No no no. That's one "Icon", one rock star, and some guy who lives down the street.

Jimmy Page's work, both as a composer and as an instrumentalist are in the Rock Canon. And it's not like I don't like U2, they're fine. But they are not in the Rock Canon (no matter what the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" might say). And the last guy? He is of no interest whatsoever.

Three rock "Icons" would have to be like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and (oof, this is hard 'cause I'm trying to think of living electric guitar players... hmm... the Rolling Stones are mostly alive but we think of them very much more "ensemble-y" so I'm gonna have to go with) David Gilmour.

And I'm not saying anything really negative about The Edge but c'mon, you know some kid from high school who's as good a guitar player and has been as influential as... Jack White.

This is like "We're going to have a forum on composing. Our panelists are Ludwig van Beethoven and the guy who wrote the Hill Street Blues theme song."

Maybe the Jack White parts of the movie will irk me a lot less when I see it. I doubt it. But I'm willing to try.

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