Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do To

On today's To Do list: make a Dell mini10v work with the Mac OS. Work on hoverbike color details and start prepping a hard drive for delivery to our sales rep. And there's a Tyrannosaurus Mouse rehearsal tonight. Oh, and I have contract stuff to deal with and library books to get. Oh, and guitar strings 'cause if one breaks I have no spares.

In addition to that I'm going to begin to explore the Dark Arts in order to get screenwriters to send me scripts. Being warm, cajoling, threatening, those things haven't worked. But I met this guy Louie something-or-other -- he says he can help. I wonder if he's read "Save the Cat"? ;-)

Where am I going to get a paisley psychedelic band jacket with one of those mandarin-like collars which doesn't come all the way around in the front, has no buttons or metal on the front of it, and tails? Oof. I'm going to have to get it made aren't I?

I'm not actually able to watch this trailer: The Bannen Way.

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Lindsay Stewart said...

I happen to have a vintage royal blue hippie era band jacket with silk braided piping and a zip front in near mint condition. Has no collar and nothing to snag a strap on. Even the pockets on the sides are slit into the seams and are invisible. But it isn't paisley. Interested? I never wear the thing, nice as it is it just isn't my style.