Sunday, September 20, 2009


So, I'm still having conversations about guitar strings. This is a vastly interesting subject which I know my hundred or so blog readers are intensely interested in.

"I've always liked DR 'Pure Blues' nickel strings. I'm also a fan of D'Addario and D'Aquisto. D'Aquisto doesn't have a very extensive selection of mixed gauges, but they're inexpensive and they're nice strings.
I like GHS, too and they offer TONS of gauge options and custom sets but I don't think they last quite as long as some other brands." is a place to buy strings.

And for those of us who are playing along at home, here's how you install OSX on a Dell Mini 9 or Mini 10v.

They let people read in the Navy. Heck, they actually encourage it.


Lindsay Stewart said...

i admit that in my old age I've been lured by Elixirs. They are more expensive but they hold their tone really well and last for ages. I especially like them on the acoustics. I don't think they have any or perhaps only one mixed gauge set though. I always found GHS strings prone to breakage, they just didn't hold up. Also quite fond of D'Aquistos.

I won't suggest a prolonged discussion of the pros and cons of tube vs solid state vs modelling and software based amps (I own one of each). That would just be unkind. Excellent Sunday to you Andrew.

Andrew Bellware said...

I love my all tube amp(s) and my Peavey Vyper modeling amp for just the reason they're both so good. The tubes sound... well... awesome. The Peavey sounds really good but gives me all kinds of sounds I'd never be able to afford in tube amps.

One big secret though: I swapped out the Peavey stock speaker for a Celestion Alnico Blue. That made a BIG difference.

I like me some good guitars playing into good amplifiers.

Lindsay Stewart said...

I sold my Vox AC30 a few years back when I stopped playing in bands. I still have a Fender Concert, all tube natch, with a single 12 swapped out for a Celestion Vintage 30. That thing sings and has the sweetest clean tone. It's the Riviera design from around 82. Somewhere in the piles I have a solid state Yamaha, an old brown combo amp that screamed like an angry pig but I blowed it up. And my pride and joy, the most fun amp I've had in ages is a little Vox DA20 two punchy little 8" speakers and some really nice basic modelling. For just a couple hundred the things sounds amazing. Oh, and you can run it on batteries, should the need to cut a solo in the wood arise. For digital stuff I have a J Station which has some truly unique pitch shifting habits and I also have the Line 6 Tone Port.

So many toys, so little time.

Andrew Bellware said...

That's the thing -- the modeling amps are just so much FUN!