Sunday, October 31, 2010

Restoration of Sanity

Now, it's interesting that the "Rally to Restore Sanity" was way bigger than Glen Becks rally to "Restore Honor". In all fairness, the Jon Stewart rally probably skews demographically younger, so they might be more likely to show up at a big rally.


But what's really weird is that you have 215,000 to show up at a rally which is held explicitly for the purpose of moderation.



Now of course I, like any other rational person, can't figure out what the Tea Partiers are all about. They're mad about a bunch of things like taxes (which have gone down under Obama) and "out of control spending" (which they weren't mad about at all when G. W. Bush was in office). Which is why many people think "oh, this is just code the American Right uses to mean they hate the fact that a black guy is President". And honestly, that's probably true for a significant portion of the Tea Partiers. The rest are just... well insane.

But over two hundred thousand people showing up at a rally to support not being crazy? That's kind of heartening really.

BONUS: best signs from the rally.

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