Monday, October 18, 2010

Three Things

I know a number of people who've quit Facebook. Mostly because of the ridiculous privacy issues. Here's an article on how to protect yourself.

My wicked stepmother keeps over-feeding me. It's her fault, not mine, that the pesto she makes is so good. And that she makes me take a second and third serving. Remember: her fault. Not mine. Evil. It keeps me from losing weight.

My parents leave the door to the closet by the front door open now because little Meydl, for whatever weird cat reason, loves to jump in and out of that closet. I mean loves it. It seriously becomes the most exiting thing she's ever seen in her life (whenever she feels like it). If they close the door they will inevitably lock her inside. If they close it and she ISN'T inside she will clamor to be inside. Cats are weird.

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