Monday, October 04, 2010

Walking The Streets

I really deeply hate exercising. Although I feel a teensy bit better having had exercised, I really hate doing the exercise itself. I guess it's sort of like studying Latin that way. Except that it hurts in a different place.

Somebody thought this was the perfect card for me.
And I'm lucky I can walk in New York. My sister, for instance, has to actually drive to where she can go on long walks (she lives in the country). Of course, where she walks the land is riddled with mountain lions and crocodiles. Where I walk is riddled with automobiles.

Although statistically the automobiles are more likely to kill you it's not as though they're hunting you. Which somehow feels more reassuring.

Then again it's true that when you're crossing 6th Avenue and the light turns against you, you can feel the targeting emitters on the yellow cabs lock on. I think they use infrared body-heat sensors.

UPDATE: my sister insists they're alligators but also mentions cottonmouth snakes. The latter is a good reason to get more cats.

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