Friday, October 22, 2010

Title Unknown

Maduka Steady as Mach in Earthkiller.

Yes, those are the dreamy bedroom eyes of Maduka nee Henry Steady. The actor and the editor/vfx supervisor.
Today we spent $79 at FedEx getting a hard drive overnight to Beverly Hills from New York City so that the trailer editor would actually have material to edit. To which I say hoo with a waa in front of it.
Doing a big ol' render in Blender 3D now. Some of the frames in this 250-frame sequence take 12 minutes a piece. Others are shorter -- like 6 minutes. But there's a LOT of movement (and the resultant motion blur) for each frame to render so hopefully it'll all be nice and dynamic and interesting looking by the time we're done.


joe said...

did you check out the Earth Killer artwork over at Halcyon's site?

Andrew Bellware said...

Oh sheesh! No. I hadn't seen the art. Thanks!