Monday, April 11, 2011

Raw and Uncut

I'm experimenting with importing RW2 images, which are the raw image format for Panasonic cameras. As it turns out, the open - source GIMP (which is sorta like Photoshop but open-source and free) will import .RW2 files through another open source program called UFRaw.
You can adjust the exposure and the noise reduction. Which is, I suppose, the point of raw images.
Hey, did you notice that we managed to break 3 guns? Arguably one more got broken before it went to set (by, erm, one of the picture editors lets just say) and one of them the barrel kept falling off. Whew. Those M249's look nice but the way the weighted stocks are attached to the rest of the gun make them keep falling off.
Now is the time to render robots for the artist to make some key art with.

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