Tuesday, April 19, 2011

So, I screwed up

I was supposed to be finished with Earthkiller by now. And I'm not. And that puts our distributor behind for Cannes. And I feel bad.
We're working very hard on getting visual effects shots up on the server. But we're behind. And it's all my fault.

Sara-Doe Osborne and Virginia Logan in "Android Insurrection 3020 AD: The Fall of Man".
I've been told that I should be more proactive with forcing all our post-production people to communicate with me. Maybe each Monday and Friday will be "What have you done, what are you doing?" Day.
It's just that I feel like that jerkbucket producer who's always harassing the writers and the post-production people. Of course, that may simply be the producer's job. So now I'm gonna be that guy.

Now: everybody. Get back to work.

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