Monday, October 03, 2011

Confusing my family

An actual conversation in the car:
Me: Dad, you're a metallurgist. How would you make silver bullets?
Dad: Do they have to be made entirely of silver?
Me: Er. No. I think we could maybe cut a hole in the lead and fill it with silver.
Dad: It might be easiest to clad the lead in silver.
Me: Well there's also the problem that we're talking about bullets here so we have to be concerned about heat.
Dad: Cladding is a chemical process.
Me: Oh, that might work then.
Dad: Why do you want to make silver bullets?
Me: For werewolves.
Dad: [disgust] Oh. Eh.
Mom: Wouldn't they work on vampires?
Me: No, that's a stake through the heart.
Mom: Oh, right.


Chance Shirley said...

Fair warning: I am stealing that conversation (verbatim) for a screenplay.

Andrew Bellware said...

Ha! OK, as long as you have the screenplay finished by the end of November. ;-)