Saturday, October 29, 2011

Render Bender

Dual quad-core. Renders are taking more than five minutes per frame to render in Blender3D.
Closeups are hard.
Of course, after we render the 3D model we then render the composite in After Effects. Then we apply color-correction in Final Cut Pro. And then we render out the whole movie with DM&E mixes. Then we dance on the graves of our enemies. But it's the 3D that takes the most time per frame typically.
Tomorrow we're having a screening of Earthkiller at noon at the Gibson in Williamsburg? Are you coming? Yes, of course, I thought so. And with the absurd pre-Halloween snow, this could very well be the second time my parents get snowed out of a screening.
And, of course, I totally blew the nodes in the render and because I stupidly didn't check the frames as I was exporting the entire render is bad and I have to start again. Yay! Me!

Via a comment by psa (below), Lightworks is free.
Whoa. Between that and Automatic Duck...

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