Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Derelict Board

  • So we just got this email from Jennifer Thatcher, signed by the board, to the Source email list. My points are bulleted.

"To the Tribe of ManhattanTheatreSource:

It is with heavy sadness, yet also with deep gratitude, that we must inform you that The Source will officially close its doors on January 1st, 2012.  Despite many heroic efforts to save The Source over the past months and years, we have finally reached a point where we can no longer sustain the running of our space at 177 Macdougal Street.  Our deficits have grown too high, and the terrible economy has badly hurt small theatre companies in NYC, not only The Source itself, but even more significantly the companies that we depend on to rent our theater all year long.  These harsh realities have left us no choice but to leave the space."

  • Gratitude that we'll closing? 
  • And what heroic efforts have they gone to over the past few months? I certainly haven't seen any. I haven't spoken to anyone on the Advisory Board who was even informed of this.
  • Note that our deficits are about the same as they've always been.
  • The economy hasn't hurt small theaters. The fact that we haven't been bringing in new companies over the last two years has been hurting us.
  • There are lots of choices other than leaving the space. Spend 8 hours actually at Theatresource and you'll hear lots of them.

"While we will be closing our physical doors at 177 Macdougal Street, we do not intend to stop producing our fine work, nor do we intend to break up this incredible community we have built together over 12 years.  Instead, we are looking at this as an opportunity to transition our community into a new era.  We will still produce EstroGenius and our Writers Forum, and will be excited to discover new opportunities in new venues throughout New York City.  We look forward to your energy, enthusiasm, and generosity of spirit in creating the next version of “The Source,” and as our community adapts to changing conditions in our ever-changing world, we hope we continue to dream and thrive and grow."

  • So essentially what's happening here is the Source is being broken up so that the 501C3 can be taken and used for other purposes. You're tired of running a theater but you like running a festival and this is how you can make that happen?

"Clearly, there are no words that could possibly express our thankfulness for the 12-year magic carpet ride we have all taken together at 177 Macdougal."

  • Certainly there are no words like: "Hey, does anyone have any ideas how we can do something about our $25,000 to $35,000/year deficit?" Because the Board never bothered to do that.

"We will soon provide details of our closing activities and productions, and we hope you are all able to come join us in our final weeks to help us go out in grand style."

  • Instead of going out in grand style, why don't we work to keep Theatresource going? 
  • Oh, it's because the people who run the Source are too tired of doing the hard work it takes to run a theater. 

The Board of Manhattan Theatre Source
Courtney Birnbaum, Andrew Frank, Eric Laufer, Matthew Quint, Melissa Riker, Doug Silver, and Jennifer Thatcher"

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