Thursday, October 20, 2011

Symbols to confuse

The Frogman is the source of everything that's funny on the Internet. At least everything that's not The Bloggess.
You like numbers? Everybody likes numbers. Well, not everybody.
If you really like numbers like the square root of negative one (he used to be my friend when I was little) then read on.
Just don't tell anybody. Here are some symbols to confuse you.
Battle: New York Day 2*
*This doesn't include domestic (for which we got $0 up-front but theoretically we get 20 cents on the dollar of sales). 5.530K
** 3.3K -- this doesn't include domestic because we have no domestic deal yet. Heck, we haven't even screened the picture yet.
*** 12.83K overseas plus 5K domestic (although we've, er, only been paid 2.5K of that so far. Ahem.)

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