Monday, October 10, 2011

A New Day Yesterday

Over there on the Tyrannosaurus Mouse Blog I've been gablarfing about live mixing "in the box" (meaning, on a computer) and recording the Mouse as an "acoustic" setup.
But today I'm just being complain-y about my digital audio workstation of choice, Samplitude.
Over the years they've flip-flopped with their North American distribution. And they continually lose my registration so they don't remember that I've owned Samplitude since version... 3? (They're on 11 or 12 now).

And sigh. Samplitude is just vastly superior to everybody else. Why? Because of their objekt - based workflow. Each audio "segment" (in ProTools speak) can have its own effects, track panning, EQ, volume, fade-in and fade-out curves. This saves us a lot of work in automation and especially in editing dialog in movies. We don't have to put any effects on the tracks.
Also, the mixer, the effects, the whole program is very musical sounding. I don't really have a better way to put it. It sounds great. It's the best DAW out there.
I just wish they did a better job of marketing it. Or, just make the damn thing open-source.
And they don't like my username and password anymore. Sigh. I'll reset it. I'm just being grumpy.

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