Friday, April 06, 2012

Do You Like Obnoxious Things?

No Girls Backstage
I was playing at some club in the 1980's and I remember there was a sign about how no girls were allowed backstage. I remember our female vocalist looking at the sign. Looking at me. Looking back at the sign...
I'm sure we guys just drug our knuckles into the dressing room... I do recall thinking at the time that it was such extraordinary old-school sexism — like really, you don't have any bands with women in them at this club?

BMI has five Myths about songwriting:
Five Myths about Achieving Success as a Songwriter | Songwriter101 - Articles |
Should I get a Tyrannosaurus Mouse hoodie? I'm not so sure I'd ever actually wear a hoodie.
Do you like obnoxious things? "Rules for dating a musician" is pretty obnoxious. Although "Do not ask bandmates for relationship advice" is probably a pretty good rule in general.

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