Saturday, April 21, 2012

Prometheus Trap Day 1

Today we started principal photography on The Prometheus Trap.
Michael Shattner as Finn.
We had Michael Shattner and Ramsey Scott on set. The spaceship is by Jason Birdsall.
Michael Shattner at the end of the movie (different light from above).
Ramsey did quite an extensive costume build for this picture.
Here's Michael with the lights on his spacesuit in the "on" position. Ramsey shaded the lights so they don't blow out the camera (as much). 
And the one decision I made was that the actors should be lit by the lights on their own costumes. We shouldn't hardly light them at all. That's going to make tomorrow's fight scenes interesting! ;-)


Laura, Queen of Mars said...


Andrew Bellware said...

We put the "tico" in "Fantastico"!

Kangas said...

Good luck! Once again you are far too productive for an indy filmmaker.

Andrew Bellware said...

Thanks! And don't worry, my productivity is hampered by my incompetence! ;-)