Thursday, April 05, 2012

First Up

First day of principal photography of Steve Niles' The Prometheus Trap will be on April 15th.
We have what will be a relatively short day shooting in the small cockpit of the Venom.
The only character on that set will be Finn (Phoebus) — Michael Shattner.

  1. He will have his radio and headset (That means we need at least two of the other radios for communications and recording — three radios in total.)
  2. He will need his neck rig -- that's some sort of PORT on his skin with (maybe) an optical cable attached? 
  3. We will need a blue or greenscreen. We will fret about how it is lit. It won't matter we'll have to rotoscope it heavily anyway.
  4. We will shoot Michael in the hallway. The hallway will be something we're going to make out of Joe Chapman's pieces which will be very very cramped. Does it amuse us to try to do a gag where only Michael's eyes light up? Maybe. Briefly.

WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THE MOVIE ENDS YET. Yes. I know. Blame the director. We will shoot a couple options which include Finn going to the Venom cockpit and remotely operating the Hercules gun (which is what we're calling the "Big Gun" or the "Earthkiller".) We don't know what the big gun looks like. We don't know where it is or where it will be.

We need to know if we should have another version of the costume Michael wears for when he is "hit". How do we show that? Is he just hit on the face? What do we do? Who has thoughts about this?

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