Sunday, April 15, 2012

Things in the Machine

Why multiculturalism makes you a better writer.
The great-great-great-grandmother of us all was the daughter of a hardline feminist and the jailbait mistress of a married poet. She wrote the first science fiction novel in Italy, while grieving over a lost child and suffering from postpartum depression. How does that translate into science fiction being only by and for white men who live in their parents’ basements?
I'll have you know my parents' basement is quite nice, actually.

I'm trying my best to watch Supernatural. I'm not too sure about their music choices.
That being said, they do a good job of distinguishing the dark-haired white guys from one another. Which is, you know, kinda difficult to do.

In the meantime I have that creeping crud that's been going around. I am going to the doctor tomorrow and the doctor will prescribe a Z-pak or the equivalent.


Kangas said...

Whaaaaat? If you don't like Supernatural's music, there is something wrong with you.

But remember, if season 1 bores you, fast forward to like the last couple of eps of season 1 and go from there. Season 2 on is great.

Then again, your taste may suck if you don't like the music. AC/DC? Foreigner? Ratt? Billy Squier? Bad Company? Rolling Stones?

I'm just gonna assume your taste in music is horrible...

Andrew Bellware said...

In the last episode I watched, "Party on Garth", there was some bad faux '80's guitar rock library tracks underscoring. (Especially when they enter the brewery for the first time.)
They even had to mix it real low so it wouldn't collide with the dialog.
If they had some AC/DC it would have been a different story.

Kangas said...

hahahaha, no dude, that was Bel Biv Devo Poison. It was a hit way back when. Is that what you're talking about? 'Cause it's pretty dated, I'll admit.

Andrew Bellware said...

Uh. No. Hmm... I wonder if Hulu shows an "international" version of the show with all the good music taken out and replaced by library music.
Like seriously, the music was so bad it really stood out from the rest of the show. And it was some country blues rock.
And it sounds like a licensing decision to me.