Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Show Me Your Desktop

Hey. Are you wondering what they did with the old, intuitive, "show desktop" icon in Windows 7? They put it over here on the other side of the bottom right of the screen.
Where it's at.
There it is. Go ahead. Press it. Show the desktop. You're welcome.
Tom Rowen is doing QC on Android Insurrection. Final Cut Pro is being a royal pain in the neck. I think we have a workaround for the first of the two big problems we're having.
The audio pre-renders are rendering with dropouts. It seems that if we don't allow FCP to pre-render the audio tracks it'll export without dropouts. At least we haven't had any dropouts since we started forcing it to not pre-render.
The other thing is that in Act 6 there are these stock muzzle flashes which FCP keeps "losing" and creating a "Media Offline" composite. Not cool Final Cut Pro. Because we keep re-connecting the footage and FCP keeps losing it. Maybe I'll export that whole section and re-lay it on top of the rest of the sequence.
Speaking of Tom Rowen, his relatives made a fake Tumblr page for him.
He took this picture of me with his new iPhone using that newfangled app the kids are all using these days because we can't afford Polaroid cameras anymore.
Drew, smudgy.
Jezebel on watching Titanic in 3D.
[My notes: act 2 and 7, act 6 picture, bad TV top of act 9 over black.]

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