Monday, April 23, 2012

Prometheus Day 2 (part 3)

So far we're shooting this movie on the GH1 with a Canon 50mm lens at f1.4. That's about the equivalent of a 35mm motion-picture camera with an 85mm lens as far as the field of view goes. I set up a color temperature for the movie but I don't know how to write it down. It's stored as "user 1". I should figure out how to write it down.
Andrew Langton.
The Canons take flares in an interesting way. And we're shooting at 1600 ISO with that camera so wide open so we can get the pretty kick in everybody's eyes. This means that any sort of traditional lighting we might do has to be very subdued unless we just want it to blow right out (which we frequently do).
The Queen of Mars in her own lighting but without LEDs on her.
Michael Shattner. Yeah, we're all JJ Abrams with the flare in this picture, but we kind of like it.

Michael Shattner.
Andrew Langton.

Kate Britton with LED's on her collar. I think she's about to shoot an android here.


joe said...

how are you shooting video handheld at f/1.4 with a manual lens?! You are a filmmaking god! this stuff looks really awesome!

Andrew Bellware said...

But it's less "filmmaking god" and more "I didn't show you the out-of-focus shots."
Also, note that I'm shooting 4/3rds not APS-C. ;-)