Monday, April 16, 2012

How Was I Not Informed?

How was I not informed there was a new Jack Reacher book out in paperback? I'm not saying that people should be forced to read Jack Reacher books — I'm not some sort of Fascist. But the State should be required to inform the populace of new paperback versions of Jack Reacher books. Like notices in train stations and along highways. Perhaps the ship dates should be included with voter packets in the mail.
I'm on drugs. Zithromax. The stuff always makes me loopy.
In fact, this cat from the Internet is how I feel right now.
Cat from the Internet expresses how I feel.
I managed to partially screw up yet another delivery. Well now I know how to fix it. I deliver a FCP project with the outputs properly assigned or I make special stereo .aif files for the English stereo and the M&E mixes.
I'm thinking I should try to become a diva DP. Refer to picture of cat, above.
We're partying down with prep for our first day of shooting (again). Here's a link to the callsheet.
John Bruno discusses one of my least-favorite things: DP's who are shooting their reel, not the movie.


Kangas said...

Nobody told you because we all bought it on the day it came out in HARDBACK, the way you should buy a Reacher book.

Andrew Bellware said...

Hardcover is much less convenient for me to carry in my man purse. Sheesh! ;-)