Monday, June 04, 2012

Internet Talk

There's all this Internet talk about working long hours on movies. After 8 hours my brain is mush so that's when we quit.
When they made Snow White and the Huntsman I think this conversation happened many times:
Wait, what's this movie about?
Uh. Snow White?
So it's got this kid she grew up with?
Yeah, he's the son of the Duke.
And he kisses her and wakes her up?
No. Really what happens is she stabs the brother of the wicked queen.
Oh, then who's this huntsman character?
Hey -- don't we need dwarfs? We need dwarfs.
OK but then don't we need a poisoned apple?
Oh crap! There has to be a mirror too.
Now, how does this whole thing with the childhood friend and the huntsman play out?
Uh. We don't need the childhood friend. Wait, they should go into the enchanted forest!
With the childhood friend? Or the huntsman?
And there should be elves. And a white stag? Maybe?
Well, if you insist, but really we should figure out these relationships -- is this a love triangle?
No, she's like a warrior princess, come back to reclaim her throne!
I hope we can fix all this once we get to editing.
Me too.

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