Thursday, June 21, 2012

Your Things For Thursday

Lookitme! I'm Internet famous. Or at least I'm mentioned on the Project London blog. Who exactly buys television shows? We're low on paranormal crime dramas, aren't we? We need a Law & Order with vampires. That being said, there's advice on the Web with how to pitch shows. And with that, meh, I do not want to make a web series. Did I mention I need a golden owl? Probably a bigger one than what's linked there. I'm experimenting with a couple time-management programs. I'm using Manic Time on my PC.
The Prometheus runs on Windows. Just another prediction (like bubble space helmets) made by Chance Shirley's Interplanetary.

Polone on shooting sex scenes. Most of what his nameless actors say jibes with my experience. The difference to me though is that sex scenes have to be mapped out in detail or they don't work dramatically. They're sort of like fight scenes that way.

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