Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today was our screening of Android Insurrection.
That might seem odd because the movie has already been released in some territories (although not North America yet). But today was the first day we could actually hold the screening for cast and crew and family.
We had it at the Gibson, in Williamsburg. It's always interesting to watch a screening. Usually at a screening I've had a few drinks — but I also have the wherewithal to watch the movie with a more disinterested eye than all the times I've watched the movie before. I have no idea why that is.
Although the screening is a bit washed-out at the Gibson, because we can't exactly blackout the whole room, it seemed fairly clear to me that this was the best movie we've made so far. This makes me happy to think. I mean I'm glad our movies are getting better and that, it seems, they are.
Plus it amuses me how high the headcount is at the end of our pictures. If it's not 100% then we're doing something wrong! ;-)

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Aric Blue said...

I went to look up AI on imdb and you're getting killed! Love the imdb'ers. Make ya a deal, go rate my newest flick GOH a 10 and I'll give you a 10. It won't complete counteract our haters, but it could help. :)